How to catch a Suna Iruka






Shhhh. I’ll tell you how to catch a Suna Iruka (Sand Dolphin).



People think he makes a noise, but Suna Iruka doesn’t even squak.
You may hear a tiny squeal from the line between red sky and sand when the sun sets in the desert.
To my surprise, there are many who assume this is Suna Iruka. They rush to the sound in a fluster only to find nothing there. So Suna Iruka is thought to be swift and elusive.
Usually, the squeaking is coming from Mushi Sango (Coral Insect).
If you look carefully at the sand, you may see pointed heads scattered here and there.
The sound is a decoy Mushi Sango uses to entice Suna Hebi (Sand Snake).
To eat of course/
Mushi Sango likes Suna Hebi, and…………sorry, back to my Suna Iruka!
Although your guess about Suna Iruka squeaking is wrong, you may not be completely wrong.
Suna Iruka is feeling sad, that’s for sure.
Have you ever kept a goldfish? The goldfish’s lips go ‘Paku Paku’.
The go ‘Paku Paku’ so water can enter it’s mouth.
Then ‘Paku Paku’ again, so it is surrounded, enveloped by water.
The goldfish is actually sucking in and out its world, where it lightly floats in the middle of the world it Paku Paku’s by itself. Do you know what I mean?
Suna Iruka is also breathing sand.
Suna Iruka is a part of the desert.
Or maybe Suna Iruka is the desert itself/
At least once this sand has passed through Suna Iruka’s body.
With this sand Suna Iruka creates its world, but is not the sand itself.
This sand is continually, inhaled, processed, digested into Suna Iruka’s body.
This world that goes through its body exists.
Yet Suna Iruka is not that world itself.
That’s why Suna Iruka is feeling sad. Do you find it strange that such things cause Suna Iruka to be sad?
Do you remember a time when you stared at the blue sky and were filled with an unknown sadness…………..?
Anyway, back to the point……how to catch a Suna Iruka.
Firstly, let anything slip onto the desert floor. Can I borrow your ring for a moment?
Now, put on the desert like this…………………..
Soon, Suna Iruka will come.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a ring or anything else. In short, put some alien substance on the sand.
Suna Iruka cannot tolerate anything which cannot turn into sand. So Suna Iruka is compelled to approach it.
Now is the moment you7ve been waiting for. Take the lid off the thermos.
Draw a circle of water on the desert floor. Don’t forget. You are trying to trap Suna Iruka. Now Suna Iruka cannot escape the circle!
Easy, isn’t it!........................but you have to be careful……
If you squat on the edge of the circle and watch the Suna Iruka struggle, you may become confused whether its Suna Iruka…… or…… you who is caught!!!.....never to leave the desert again!
Right………..got your thermos ready? 



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